Great eye care is about more than just getting the right prescription. Our team provides excellent quality eye care with a full range of modern services and state-of-the-art technology.


Comprehensive eye exam

Eye exams are not just about vision. They are important to make sure your eyes are healthy and we can detect early signs of many conditions like glaucoma and cataracts.

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Quality eyewear

We carry a diverse selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses to match any style, from classic looks to high fashion luxury. Add a blue light filter to any of our optical frames for just $49.

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Personalized contact lenses

Whether you want a break from glasses or need specialty contact lenses for myopia control or keratoconus, we’ve got you covered. Ask us about contact lenses today.

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Family Friendly

We love bringing the family together and we see kids as young as 6 months! Visual health is an important part of your child’s development and learning.


Offers to fall in love with

Contact Lenses

Try before you buy

30% Off 2nd Pair

2 pairs for 1 great price

Eye See...Eye Learn®

Free glasses for kids


Looking for something else?

What is an OCT?

An OCT is a non-invasive imaging test that helps your optometrist detect eye conditions early.

Myopia Control

Prevent your child’s myopia from getting worse with a variety of treatments to slow myopia progression.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light filters decrease the amount of blue light entering your eyes from digital devices to reduce eye strain and improve sleep.