Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Here are some tips to keep your eyes happy and healthy while wearing contact lenses:

  • Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses
  • To maintain comfortable lens wear, rub and rinse your lenses with solution to remove protein, oil, and make-up 
  • Always recap your solution bottle
  • Do not sleep or nap in your contact lenses unless prescribed to do so by your eye doctor
  • Water contains microbes that can cause serious eye infection. Your lenses should not come into contact with water: avoid swimming and showering while wearing them 
  • Do not wear ripped or torn lenses
  • Before using any type of eye drop (medication or artificial tear), ask your doctor if the lenses need to be removed
  • Insert lenses before applying make-up and remove lenses before removing make-up 
  • Clean your contact lens case daily with solution or by rubbing the inside of the case under warm water. Let the case air dry completely, uncapped and upside down, on a paper towel
  • Replace your case every 3 months 
  • Replace the solution in the lens case every day. Never add more solution if there is solution already there or reuse solution
  • Healthy lens wear should not induce redness, discomfort, or visual disturbance. If you have any concerns, consult your eye care professional
  • Your eye doctor has selected a wearing and replacement schedule for you. These are important to be followed

Recycling contact lenses

We at Milton Optometry want to make sure we’re doing what we can to protect the environment, so we are proud to offer a contact lens recycling program. Simply collect your contact lenses and plastic blister packaging (including the foil lids) and bring them to our office for recycling when you’re ready. Contact lens boxes, contact lens cases, and solution bottles can all be recycled at home. It’s important that you never throw contact lenses away down the sink or the toilet as they can pollute marine environments. We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and are thrilled to offer this convenient and eco-friendly solution to our community.